Shane Anderson’s spirit, kindness and enthusiasm were matched by very few people. Her students at Middleton Middle School benefited most from her passion for teaching, but her commitment to her colleagues, the Idaho Education Association and public education left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to share time with her. The Shane Anderson Outstanding Member Award was created to honor IEA members who share Shane’s spirit and passion for public education and the work of the Idaho Education Association. 

Alicia Purdy
Vallivue Education Association
Nominated by Amber Ford 

Just about everyone seriously engaged with the work of the Idaho Education Association knows Alicia Purdy.  

A president of the Vallivue Education Association, president of IEA’s Region 8 in Southwest Idaho, and Region 8’s representative on the IEA Board of Directors, Purdy is one of this union’s most active and engaged members. She is a special education educator at Vallivue High School.  

Alicia Purdy

“When I think of passion for the union on all levels, I think of Alicia Purdy,” wrote Amber Ford, VEA’s co-vice-president, in her nomination of Purdy for IEA’s Shane Anderson Outstanding Member Award. “Everything she does is about serving the union and supporting the mission of the organization.” 

Purdy was elected to the IEA board in 2020 and serves on the Budget Committee, Awards Committee, and the committee for Government Relations and the Political Action Committee for Education (PACE).  

“Her tireless efforts in endorsing and supporting pro-public education political candidates have had a significant impact on advocating for policies that prioritize the needs of students, educators, and the broader educational community,” wrote Cassandra Spengler, a third-grade educator at Skyway Elementary in her support letter for Purdy’s award nomination. “Alicia’s leadership on this committee showcases her ability to navigate complex political landscapes and effectively communicate the importance of safeguarding the future of public education.” 

The passion she brings to her union work is only matched by her passion for what she does in the classroom. 

“What sets Alicia apart is her ability to seamlessly integrate her passion for her union with her passion for teaching and her unwavering dedication to her profession,” wrote Peggy Hoy, Idaho representative on the NEA Board of Directors. “As a special education teacher, she digs deep to find relevant and meaningful content for her students to help them prepare for the world after high school.” 

Nationally, Purdy has served as a delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. She also serves as the Western Regional Chair for the NEA Republican Educators Caucus, where she actively advocates for people of all parties to work collaboratively to create the best legislation for public schools. 

“Her willingness to go above and beyond in supporting her colleagues demonstrates not only her strong sense of camaraderie but also her belief in the power of collective action to drive positive change within the education community,” wrote Melyssa Ferro, also a Region 8 representative on the IEA Board of Directors and a Caldwell science educator.  


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