keep talented educators by showing them simple respect

Value their training, expertise and profession. Provide them with proper resources and support.

The Issue:

Recent investments in public education and educators eased the sense of desperation and burnout many educators felt coming out of the pandemic, but many still are uncertain about their future in education. Inadequate resources,  political vitriol,  misinformation,  outright lies, comparatively low pay, and even personal attacks continue to make being an educator a difficult, if noble, career choice.  

The truth: Idaho’s decades of chronic underfunding of public schools  leaves school staff members feeling increasingly overwhelmed and underappreciated. 

Why It Matters:

According to a recent survey of IEA members, 54 percent say their level of burnout remains high while 39 percent say they are considering leaving the profession. They cite political interference with curriculum and library books, teacher and staff shortages, a lack of respect for educators, inadequate school funding, salaries, mental health and classroom discipline as serious issues in public schools.

The implications are staggering. High-quality teachers are strongly linked to student achievement. They significantly increase high school graduation rates, college completion rates and salary earnings. Effective teachers guide our students’ academic growth as well as their physical, social and emotional well-being. 

As more qualified educators leave, schools must increasingly rely on teachers who have taken alternate routes to certification. More vacancies also stretch the energy and resources of our remaining qualified educators thin, forcing them to take on more work for the same compensation. 

Why We Care

Idaho educators are asking for simple respect and the same sort of consideration given to highly trained employees in countless other professions. They want, and need, the tools and resources they require to do their jobs and to receive fair and competitive compensation.


By the Numbers


Of Idahoans say increasing teacher pay to attract and retain the best possible teachers is important.



High-quality educators are the top factor in student achievement.


Educator vacancies at the start of the 2022 school year.

Take Action:

How you can take action: The best way to show appreciation for educators as with any employee or worker — is to give them the tools and resources they need to do their job, especially fair and competitive compensation. Tell your lawmakers that our public schools need the resources to recruit, retain, and reward quality educators. They deserve our respect.

Respect for Educators FAQs

Why are so many educators leaving their beloved profession?

Those leaving the teaching profession cite disrespect for their profession, an increasingly challenging classroom environment, a lack of resources and uncompetitive pay and poor benefits as major factors in their decision to leave.

Why do educators feel stressed and disrespected?

Enemies of public education, supported by dark money interests eager to financially and politically profit off of public education’s decline, have successfully used misinformation and outright lies to starve public schools of resources and sully the reputation of our devoted educators. While most people still respect and value the perspectives of educators, increased vitriol around the politics of education leaves educators open to personal and professional attacks from those who embrace this misinformation.

Why is teacher retention important?

High-quality teachers are strongly linked to student achievement, significantly increasing high school graduation rates, college completion rates and salary earnings. Effective teachers guide our students’ academic growth as well as their physical, social and emotional well-being. For this reason, improving recruitment, development and retention of our most promising and dedicated teachers must be a top priority.

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