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Why AutoPay?

Protect your IEA membership so it can protect you. Anti-public education politicians want to weaken our union and silence our voice by removing your option to pay your dues through payroll deduction. Switching to IEA AutoPay today ensures you have a voice in the future of public education and your profession.

It’s a one-time change that only takes a minute or two to complete.

How it works

By switching to IEA AutoPay, you can pay your association dues directly from your bank account or credit card and protect your membership from anti-public education politicians. It shows that you are committed to standing up for good public education policy and will not be distracted by their attacks on your profession.  

Switch to AutoPay Now:

You’ll need your Membership ID number, the ZIP code IEA has on file for you, and your bank routing number and account number OR your credit card information.

AutoPay FAQs

What is IEA AutoPay?

IEA AutoPay lets you pay your membership dues by electronic funds transfer directly from your bank account or your credit card. Your dues stay the same and it is a one-time change that only takes a minute.  

Why should I switch to IEA AutoPay?

Your union has your back, and your union membership protects you. Our power depends on our numbers and the more members like you in our union, the stronger voice we have. By standing together, IEA members have been successful at stopping harmful legislation like vouchers and have supported things that matter to us like our students, schools and profession. That is exactly why anti-public education politicians are attacking our union by taking away your option to pay your union dues through payroll deduction. Switching to IEA Autopay is how we take our power back and show anti-public education politicians that we are committed to good public education policy regardless of their attacks.  

Why should I switch to IEA AutoPay now?

Anti-public education politicians across the country are taking away the option of members to pay union dues through payroll deduction to silence our collective voice and take away our power. They want to do the same in Idaho to weaken our union so they can push an anti-public education agenda that hurts us and our students. Threats of similar legislation are rising in Idaho and are expected to pass within the next few years. This is why IEA leaders are proactively working to move all members away from payroll deduction to AutoPay. Stand with your colleagues and switch to IEA AutoPay now.  

Do I have to switch to AutoPay?

Yes, you do. IEA members have stood together and have been incredibly successful in electing pro-public education candidates and creating strong relationships with our allies in the Statehouse, but this only protects us for now. Switching to IEA AutoPay shows anti-public education politicians that you stand with your union and that your voice will not be silenced. Switch to IEA AutoPay now.  

How long do I have to switch to AutoPay for the future membership year?

You have between April 1 and Aug. 31 to switch to IEA AutoPay for your future year membership. Those who miss the Aug. 31 deadline must wait until future year membership registration opens again in April of the following year.

What do I need to switch to IEA AutoPay?

It’s easy! If you wish to pay monthly, all you need is your:  

    • IEA membership number 
    • Zip Code that IEA has on file 
    • Your bank account number 
    • Your bank routing number 

 If you wish pay your dues in full each year with a credit card, all you need is your:  

    • IEA membership number 
    • Zip Code that IEA has on file 
    • Credit card information 
Where can I find my IEA membership number?

    Send a message to We’ll be happy to help you find your number.   

    What if I don’t know my routing number?

      Most people can easily find the routing number for their bank or credit union online by searching for their institution’s name and “Idaho” (for example, “U.S. Bank routing number Idaho”). Or, you can search for common routing numbers here.   

      When will my payments be deducted from my account?

        If you choose electronic funds transfer, your automatic withdrawal schedule will be based on your school district’s payroll routine.If you opt to pay by credit card, your annual dues will appear on your statement on Sept. 28 (or the next business day thereafter) each year. If you are a new member joining in October or later, your annual dues will be charged on the 28th of the month in which you enroll. All future year annual dues will then be charged on Sept. 28 or the next business day thereafter.

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