Idaho Education Association’s Membership Recruiter Award is presented to a person or a group who has exhibited leadership skills in the area of membership recruitment and retention. The recipient of this award is selected on the basis of sustained efforts in the area of membership recruitment and retention, particularly in the last year. 

Jennifer Luu
Idaho Falls Education Association
Nominated by Julie Nawrocki 

Jennifer Luu has been the top member recruiter for the Idaho Falls Education Association for several years. 

Luu is responsible for signing up more than 40 new members in five years as the local’s building representative at Eagle Rock Middle School, where she is a special education educator. In fact, Luu recruited every new educator in her building at the start of the current school year.  

“I have never met a more dedicated person to growing membership than I have with Jennifer Luu,” wrote Julie Nawrocki, IFEA president, in her nomination of Luu for IEA’s Membership Recruiter Award. “She works hard every year reaching out to all of the new teachers in her building, explaining her ‘why’ and advocating for the association.” 

As a result, Eagle Rock Middle School has the highest percentage of members penetration for all of IFEA.  

According to Nawrocki, Luu doesn’t just sign up new members, she helps build engagement with the union among all members.  

“She is constantly trying to grow the capacity within our association and within her building by developing leaders within her building to help with roles as building reps, executive board members, participation in committees at the Association level and district level,” Nawrocki wrote. 

An excellent communicator, Luu makes a point of having personal contact with every single member of her building regularly. She distributes union information, has built amazing relationships with the administration in her building and actively advocates for the members in her building.
“We are so lucky to have Jennifer Luu and our local association, the members at Eagle Rock Middle School are lucky to have her, and she is definitely the best candidate for the Membership Recruiter Award,” Nawrocki said.  

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