Edythe Crowe Education Support Professional Award

The winner is an ESP member who has made a special and unique contribution to the cause of education over an extended period of time and particularly in the last year.  IEA’s Edythe Crowe honoree is IEA’s nominee for the NEA Education Support Professional of the Year Award which recognizes the contributions of ESP to their schools, communities, and their profession.  Please use the Application instructions PDF as a guideline to follow when submitting applications for this year.

Nomination Guidelines and Form (PDF version)

Nomination Guidelines



Edythe Crowe was a food program manager at Orchards Elementary School in Lewiston, ID for over 25 years.  She was actively involved in committee work of the IEA and was instrumental in the beginning of the membership movement of the Educational Support Professional bargaining rights.  The Edythe Crowe Award is awarded to honor Edythe for her involvement in encouraging classified staff to become members of the association.

Purpose: The IEA Edythe Crowe Education Support Professional Award recognizes the contributions of Education Support Professionals to their schools, communities, and their profession.  The award is presented to a member of the IEA who demonstrates outstanding accomplishments and reflects the contributions of ESP to public education.

Award: Information about the Edythe Crowe Education Support Professional Award shall be published at least once each year. The award shall normally be limited to one award annually. Each recipient shall have been an education support professional member of the Idaho Education Association for three years as of the stated deadline for nomination for the award for the year.  Nominations may come from the local or region level of the IEA.  No more than one nominee will be accepted from any one source.  The Awards Subcommittee of the IEA Board of Directors will screen all nominees and make recommendation for action to the IEA Board of Directors at its winter meeting.  The award shall be given only if an acceptable nominee is selected.  The award shall be given annually at the IEA Delegate Assembly. Travel including airfare, hotel up to the current government rate in the Treasure Valley and $35.00 for food shall be allotted to one award recipient if recipient lives out of the Treasure Valley, to attend the IEA Awards Ceremony at Delegate Assembly.  The Award shall consist of an appropriate plaque on which the name of the recipient shall be engraved.  In addition, the name shall be engraved on a perpetual plaque on display in the headquarters office of the IEA.  The IEA membership dues shall be paid for one award recipient for the ensuing year.

In addition, the Edythe Crowe ESP Award recipient will become the IEA nominee for the NEA ESP of the Year Award for the year following the IEA award. 

Application: Application for the IEA’s Edythe Crowe Education Professional Award shall be made using the NEA Guidelines for the NEA Education Support Professional of the Year Award that will be tailored to reflect the IEA’s submission deadline and instructions as to where and how the application should be submitted.

Nomination Packet

Nominations must be electronically submitted to the IEA.  Nomination packets should NOT include handwritten documents, clippings, articles or photos (other than the required promotional photo).

Nomination packets must include all of the materials listed below, in the specified order and in accordance with the formatting instructions. The entire nomination packet must be no more than 15 pages total.

Data Sheet

(Limit 1-page maximum, 12-point font, use provided form. Handwritten data sheets will not be accepted.)

Fully complete nominee and affiliate information.  The Data Sheet must be marked “Page 1” of your packet, with the following pages numbered consecutively from there.

Nomination Letter

(Limit 5 pages maximum, 12-point font, double-spaced, one inch margins on all sides) 

Nomination letter must address each of the following five criteria. Each area must be clearly labeled with the criteria heading to aid the Selection Committee in their reading:

  • Professional Practice: Include worksite responsibilities and professional achievements the nominee has made in his/her field; include examples of leadership, creativity and innovation in making a difference for students and the school or workplace.
  • Member Advocacy and Association Involvement: Include evidence of leadership, creativity and innovation in advocating for members, for the profession and for public education; include how the nominee’s involvement in NEA or its affiliates contribute to professional success; include evidence that the nominee is active in member recruitment and encouraging colleagues to be more involved members.
  • Community Engagement: Include details on how the nominee is involved in promoting public education within the community through charitable projects and activities and examples of how that involvement has benefited students, families and members.
  • Personal Achievement: A description of the nominee’s personal and/or professional goals including: what they are doing or have done to meet these goals; how his/her growth and goals benefit students, members and/or the community; and, what advice they would give to a colleague entering the profession.
  • Enhancement of ESP Image: Include details of how the nominee’s activities have enhanced the image of ESPs at the worksite, in the association and in the community.


(Limit 1-page maximum, 12-point font, double-spaced, one inch margins on all sides)

Provide brief bullets of the nominee’s work and professional experiences, which may include:

  • Professional positions held
  • Education
  • Association positions
  • Positions with outside organizations, community groups or partners
  • Honors and achievements

Nominee Statement

(Limit 2-pages maximum, 12-point font, double-spaced, one inch margins on all sides)

Give specific examples of achievement in each of the five criteria areas:

  • Professional Practice
  • Member Advocacy and Association Involvement
  • Community Engagement
  • Personal Achievement
  • Enhancement of ESP image

Letters of Endorsement

(Three letters, limit 2-page maximum for each, double spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins on all side, handwritten letters will not be accepted)

Nominees must include three letters of endorsement.  Letters should be from those who know the nominee well, such as association leaders, colleagues, current or former students, parents of students, community members, etc.  Letters must note how long the writer has known the nominee and in what capacity the writer is able to comment on the nominee’s professional, association and/or community work.

Promotional Photo

Each nominee shall include a high-resolution, digital headshot that will be used for promotional purposes only.

Awards Edythe Crowe

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