Growing Engaged Members

Want to Advocate for Public Education at the State Level?

Strong local education associations are the key to legislative success and electoral wins at the district and state level. Building your local’s strength starts with one-on-one organizing conversations with colleagues in your building, local, and region about improving public education through legislative action. 

Be an IEA GEM!

IEA is hand-selecting a small cohort of member organizers from southwest Idaho local education associations for an exclusive training called Growing Engaged Members or GEMs. As a GEM, you will learn the key to energizing your local membership and building bridges through organized legislative action. In this role you will: 

  • Talk with members and potential members about IEA’s legislative priorities 
  • Organize members to attend the annual IEA Lobby Day on Jan. 16, 2023  
  • Invite members to share their stories with elected officials and attend events. 

In-depth training on public education advocacy in Idaho and IEA members’ legislative priorities from IEA’s government relations team will arm you to educate members and create a culture of advocacy within your local and region. 

IEA members are Idaho’s most important education policy experts and your perspective can be transformational for policymakers and the legislative process. With your help, well-versed and passionate IEA members will be on-hand at the Statehouse every week during the coming legislative session to secure positive outcomes for Idaho public schools through the power of solidarity and organized action. 

The 20-week IEA GEMs program runs Nov. 7-March 27 with an initial training Jan. 14-15 and will feature weekly check ins. Once the legislative session begins in January, participants can expect to dedicate and 5-7 hours a week organizing educators to attend the annual IEA Lobby Day on Jan. 16, and weekly “Mini Lobby Days” with members from different local education associations each Monday during the legislative session.

If selected, participants will receive generous compensation to train and work as a GEM.

Interested? CLICK HERE for more details and to submit your application.


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