Understanding & Supporting Dyslexic Learners | Caldwell





Understanding & Supporting Dyslexic Learners | Caldwell

This course will delve into the neurobiological origin of dyslexia as well as characteristics of the dyslexic brain at all stages of life. Participants will learn about different screening and identification processes and instructional strategies that address the challenges that dyslexic learners face as well as the strengths they possess. You will be engaged through many effective learning activities including role playing, group discussion, and hands-on activities designed to help you gain a deep understanding of a dyslexic student.

The course will deepen teachers’ understanding of how children learn to read and will introduce The Five Essential Components of Reading Instruction. You will leave with strategies and resources to be used in your classroom, including the importance of scaffolding instruction.

Upon completion of this class and course requirements, may earn 1 credit through ISU for $55. This is the credit required for recertification in 2025.

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