Region 6 Master Educator Premium #2 – Mackay





Region 6 Master Educator Premium #2 – Mackay

**Master Educator Premium #1 is a prerequisite for this class**

Bring your laptop.

Lunch will be served

Sign in begins at 8:30 am

To be eligible for the first round of premiums in 2019, teachers must have three years of artifacts assembled into a portfolio, beginning with the 2016-17 school year.

Training includes the newly approved rubric the state will be using as a standard for the Master Educator Portfolio submissions.


*Dig into the Master Educator Portfolio to build an understanding of each standard/characteristic.

*Learn to identify possible artifacts.

*Learn to write narratives and descriptions for artifacts and link those to the standards.

*Begin to create an electronic portfolio of artifacts based on the Idaho Master Teacher standards and rubric.


Free to IEA members. All others may attend for $300.00.


Register at

OR Go Online: and search for:  IEA Region 6 MASTER EDUCATOR PREMIUM #2 MACKAY ID


Contact Tami Wade at or 208-734-5015 for more information or for MEP #1 Training availability

For more Information, Contact:

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