IEA | Restorative Justice; Its Roots, and How to Use It in the Classroom (online)





IEA | Restorative Justice; Its Roots, and How to Use It in the Classroom (online)

Learn what it looks like to have a restorative mindset

About this event

When we think of restorative justice, we think of it as a practice, however, in this class you will come to understand that restorative justice is actually a mindset, a way of being. Restorative Justice has been taking schools across the country by storm, but do you really understand the definition and theories behind it? In this class, we will unpack the meaning of restorative justice and learn what it looks like to have a restorative mindset. We’ll also examine the roots of restorative justice from Indigenous peoples and understand how we, as educators/parents/community members, can implement best practices for creating a restorative and relational approach to repair the harm caused by wrongdoing. Participants will be asked to join in exercises aimed at changing your mindset and examining your own beliefs about what justice really means and how it impacts the youth we teach. You will also have the opportunity in this class to observe a restorative circle, which is an exercise you can use in your classroom. This course is for people new to restorative justice and those who have some knowledge of it but want to learn more about where it came from, how it plays out across the world, and can shape our worldview.

Please be sure you are on a device on which you can hear the conversation, utilize the chat, have verbal conversations in breakout rooms, and download documents. All of these are crucial for you and others to get the most our of the training.

Class size is limited. You can earn 1 PD credit through ISU for this class.

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