IEA – R5 – Master Educator Portfolio Training #2 – Pocatello, ID





IEA – R5 – Master Educator Portfolio Training #2 – Pocatello, ID



ISU Pond Student Union Center – Salmon River Room

*****Master Educator Premium #1 class is a prerequisite for this class*****

Bring your laptop.

Bring your jump drive from the MEP 1 class.

Lunch will be served.

Training includes the newly approved rubric the state will be using as a standard for the Master Educator Portfolio submissions.

*Dig into the Master Educator Portfolio to build an understanding of each standard/characteristic.

*Learn to identify possible artifacts.

*Learn to write narratives and descriptions for artifacts and link those to the standards.

*Begin to create an electronic portfolio of artifacts based on the Idaho Master Teacher standards and rubric.

Free to IEA members. All others may attend for $300.00

NOTE: If you would like to join the IEA now to take this class and other classes for free as an IEA Member along with receiving many other valuable IEA member benefits visit our website at

Contact Tami Wade at 208-524-7210 for more information

For more Information, Contact:

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