IEA – R5 – Educator Communications and Media Training – Pocatello





IEA – R5 – Educator Communications and Media Training – Pocatello

Communication and Community

Positive Imaging Strategies for Local Associations, Classrooms, and Beyond

Find out how to create and disseminate information that portrays organizations, including local education associations, in a positive light. Join Idaho Education Association Communications Director Dave Harbison for an overview on how to engage with media outlets and the community. Your image and reputation are critical. Learn how to enhance and protect them. Topics covered in this training include:

  • Reaching out to media and pitching positive stories
  • Understanding the responsibilities and motivations of reporters
  • Identifying and sharing your expertise
  • Keys to effective press releases, media advisories, op-eds, guest opinions
  • Creating your own content to tell your story
  • How to handle media interviews
  • Staying on message
  • The importance of community engagement
  • The double edged sword of social media
  • Crisis management basics
  • Framing today’s media landscape for students

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