IEA – Organizing Your Classroom During This Disorganized Time





IEA – Organizing Your Classroom During This Disorganized Time

One ISU credit is available for this class.

About this Event

Take a day and learn about some tips and tricks to organize your teaching space and your curriculum so you can feel better about your classroom environment. We will talk about how to get rid of the clutter in your classroom so you have more space for the good stuff. Then we will take our curriculum material and make some go-to documents to streamline what you do. Throughout the day, I will talk about what has worked for me teaching online and in person. Keep in mind that we are a Google district, and most of my tips will come from that angle.

At the end of our workday, you should be able to breathe easier during this crazy time and take away skills to help you now and into a much more organized future!

Please be sure you are on a device on which you can hear the conversation, utilize the chat, have verbal conversations in breakout rooms, and download documents. All of these are crucial for you and others to get the most out of the training.

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