IEA – Educator Self-Care and Trauma Informed Teaching Practices





IEA – Educator Self-Care and Trauma Informed Teaching Practices

Building Resiliency in You and Your Classroom

About this Event

Two-thirds of our students have reported at least one traumatic event in their life by the age of 16. As a result, teachers are faced with uncomfortable behaviors in the classroom on a regular basis. Growing and developing our instruction and classroom management is essential for the success of our learners and giving our students the attention and the awareness they need is necessary to a safe learning environment. However, if our own basic emotional needs are not being met, it is impossible to support our students. Using trauma informed instruction, as well as building resilience in yourself and your students, utilizing compassion, and explicitly teaching empathy in the classroom can give you an arsenal of tools to assist in managing tough behaviors in the classroom.

You will leave with strategies to develop awareness of your needs, manage stress, and develop social and emotional skills, all of which will help you become more present in your own classroom. When educators take care of themselves, they can better support their students.


Please be sure you are on a device on which you can hear the conversation, utilize the chat, have verbal conversations in breakout rooms, and download documents. All of these are crucial for you and others to get the most out of the training.

Credit for this class is available for $55 through ISU.

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