IEA | Educator and Student Self-Care | Virtual





IEA | Educator and Student Self-Care | Virtual

Are you the best version of yourself?

About this event

Educator self-care is vital to our success and self-preservation. When you as an educator practice self-care, you are able to be the best version of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you are more fully present for your students. Student self-care and resiliency are also keys to improving student achievement. In this session, you will leave with strategies to help navigate the four categories of self-care- emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health. You will also recognize signs of student trauma and learn strategies to build your own, as well as your students’ resilience. We will discuss strategies to help you build your own efficacy. You will be introduced to resources to assist in your own self-care journey and provide support for your students as they do the same. According to Elena Aguilar, “Resilient people have a healthy self-perception, are committed to taking care of themselves, and accept themselves more or less as they are.” One credit through ISU is available for this class. *Masks are required while attending this class*

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