Dyslexia: It’s All in The MIND





Dyslexia: It’s All in The MIND

Learn about the MIND strengths of Dyslexia.

This training is designed for educators who already have a basic understanding of the characteristics of dyslexia and the struggles these students face in school. Participants will learn about the MIND strengths of Dyslexia and how they can be utilized in the classroom to help build the students’ self-esteem and foster success. Participants will also be provided with tools to further develop their understanding of the dyslexic mind as well as accommodations to help level the playing field for these students.

This class is part of the Bite-Size Learning Series. Once you’ve attended and fully participated in 7.5 hours of class time in the Learning Series and completed the coursework, you can earn a credit from ISU for $55.

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