CTL – Virtual Book Study: Speech to Print





CTL – Virtual Book Study: Speech to Print

This nine-week book study course is focused on Louisa Moats’ bestselling book, “Speech to Print.” This research- and evidence-based book was written to help educators better understand the structure and function of spoken and written English, and how children learn to read. The text includes exercises that help readers ensure understanding of the content. Louisa Moats is a teacher, researcher, psychologist, and reading and dyslexia expert. She has written many books, designed the LTRS® program, and is a co-author of the Idaho Dyslexia Handbook.

Using the social learning platform Perusall provides participants the opportunity to read, discuss, question, and otherwise engage with the text and peers in an asynchronous online learning environment. Participants read and annotate (comment on) the chapters of the book within the Perusall platform. Participants can engage and collaborate with peers by asking questions and commenting on their annotations, leading to discussions of the text and deeper understandings.

This course is targeted toward teachers who work with emerging readers and struggling readers of all ages.

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