CTL – Grant Writing for Educators





CTL – Grant Writing for Educators

Unfortunately, school budgets and administrators’ imaginations are limited. A productive way around funding limitations and administrator inflexibility is securing outside funding resources. This presentation will communicate and demonstrate useful strategies for searching and writing successful grant applications. Participants will end the class by writing a $750 grant to the Idaho CAPED Foundation or the LCCU Teaching Grant Program.
Participants will learn how to:

  • Define the need for a grant
  • Demystify grant writing
  • Find funding sources
  • Find the right grant
  • Make a budget
  • Create a schedule
  • Follow-up on applications

This class is part of IEA Center for Teaching and Learning’s Bite-Size Learning Series. Once you’ve attended and fully participated in 7.5 hours of class time in the Learning Series and completed the coursework, you can earn a credit from Idaho State University for $55.

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