Per-Diem Payment Form

  • Please review the following information and rules. Thanks!

    MILEAGE: Mileage is paid at the rate of four cents (.04) below the IRS mileage rate. The rate is set on July 1st of each year and shall be applied to the succeeding fiscal year (September 1 through August 31). Members shall submit a departing address in order to be reimbursed. Mileage shall not exceed the roundtrip mileage from home address to the destination.

    MEALS: When meals are provided by the IEA, no meal per diem is paid to the individual. The meals per diem is prorated to conform to the meeting time itself and the actual travel time to and from the meeting. Thus, should a meeting begin at 9:00 a.m. and adjourn at 4:30 p.m. and the traveler lived close enough to the meeting place and travelled after the normal breakfast time and before the normal dinner time, that traveler would not receive the breakfast and dinner portion of the meals per diem. However, anyone required to travel before the normal breakfast time and after the normal dinner times would be allotted the meals per diem portion for those meals.

    HOTEL: *Per IEA Policy, the maximum daily lodging allowance shall be the cost of the federal government rate plus taxes. NO DIRECT BILLING of any lodging charges, even if the hotel staff indicates otherwise. Except for unusual circumstances, members living within a 50-mile radius of the meeting shall not be paid the lodging portion of the per diem.

    We would encourage you to check out the offerings of hotel discounts available through the IEA’s Educator Access Discount Program by using your Educator Access card. Hotels throughout the state participate in this discount program.

    AIRFARE: If an individual pays for his/her own airfare, a copy of the itemized receipt must be attached to the per diem form for reimbursement of airfare. You must purchase your ticket 14 days in advance of travel. IEA will only reimburse up to the cost of a 14-day advance purchase airfare from the major airport nearest the delegate’s home local.  Car mileage to and from the airport will be reimbursed.

    GROUND TRANSPORTATION/PARKING: The IEA will not pay for car rentals or gas expenses. Receipts for taxi cab fare and airport parking are required for reimbursement.

    OTHER INFO: If an individual who must travel a long distance to attend a meeting arrives the evening before, or must stay for an extra night, his/her dinner/breakfast and hotel per diem are paid.

    Checks will be ready for the individuals on the day of the meeting when per diems are received ahead of time (minimum five days prior to the meeting date) otherwise checks will be mailed on the next available check printing date which is usually once weekly.

    Per diems must be received within thirty (30) days following the meeting or incurrence of expenses in order to qualify for reimbursement.

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