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IEA Leaders Send Letter of Support to Portland Educators

November 10, 2023

For more than two weeks, members of the Portland Association of Teachers have been on strike as they fight for smaller class sizes, fair compensation and more planning time as part of their new employment contract with Portland Public Schools. In a show of solidarity, Idaho Education Association leaders sent this Oct. 31 letter to PAT members on behalf of IEA members:

Dear educators,

On behalf of each and every member of the Idaho Education Association and with solidarity and esprit de corps in our hearts, we write in support of your extraordinary efforts to advocate for your students and your profession.

Taking a stand for what is right is often much too difficult. Sacrifice is required. You will be vilified, and you will be challenged. But make no mistake, your cause is noble and worthy. None who truly understand your demands for stronger student services, safer schools, and the time and resources you need to provide the best education possible to your students can argue otherwise.

We know you have not come to this point lightly. You would rather be in the classroom with your students. But keep your spirits high and stay strong in the face of those who oppose you. And understand that the example you set — your unwavering commitment to collective action for shared principles — is an inspiration to your fellow educators and union members everywhere.

Thank you for your stand.


Carpe diem!


Layne McInelly


Idaho Education Association


Paul Stark

Executive Director

Idaho Education Association

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