Eastern Idaho Region Director

Idaho Education Association is looking for a passionate, smart advocate for public school educators in eastern Idaho to join our team as a region director. Based in IEA’s offices in Twin Falls, Idaho, the successful candidate is intelligent and tough, believes in the power of labor organizing, and can be a diplomatic ally or worthy opponent when needed. Experience with budgets, an understanding of education policy and political savvy will make this team member a formidable advocate for IEA members.

Working under the supervision of the executive director, IEA’s region directors help local education associations and their educator members collectively secure pay, benefits and employment conditions worthy of their importance to our nation’s democracy and state’s future. They build relationships and lend expertise that produce better employment outcomes for IEA members. When needed, they also help local education associations advocate on behalf of individual members.

Knowledge and Abilities Needed:

  • Understanding of techniques and strategies to strengthen membership density in local education associations
  • Possess a strong skill set in, proven experience and an understanding of organizing principles and strategies
  • Understanding of the principles of adult education, training and leadership development
  • Knowledge of basic research techniques and application, information retrieval, and utilization of computer technology
  • Effective skills in verbal and written communication, public speaking and interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to assume advocacy responsibilities and functions
  • Understanding of conflict management and group and individual facilitation skills
  • Ability to manage time efficiently
  • Ability to build relationships with stakeholders
  • Ability to seek out and recruit potential leaders in a growing organization
  • Basic understanding of media relations and public relations

Required Qualifications Include:

  • Work effectively both independently and in team relationships with professional colleagues, and, where appropriate, community members
  • Demonstrated commitment to social and racial justice, building strong local member-led and democratic unions, and public education
  • Maintenance of a valid driver’s license and insured vehicle
  • Ability to travel extensively

Preferred Qualifications Include:

  • Organizing experience with a labor, community, environmental or political organization
  • BA or BS degree in an education related field
  • Teaching certification and five (5) years of professional education experience in an institution of public education
  • Substantial participation in the national, state and local associations
  • Leadership experience


  • Promotes the goals and objectives established by the governance of IEA and coordinates and administers the activities necessary to carry out the program
  • Provides training for local association leaders in the areas of bargaining, grievance processing, organizing, political activity, legislative activity and other program areas as may be established by the IEA
  • Assists with the development and implementation of membership recruitment, engagement, and organizing plans and programs for each local within the region or with other regions, as assigned
  • Collaborates with and assists local leadership in developing comprehensive plans and strategy, including internal organizing and external community outreach, engagement and campaigns
  • Looks for organizing opportunities
  • Develops region-wide organizing plans and programs
  • Coordinates and leads field/organizing staff, member organizers and organizing programs to develop and implement field/organizing plans, as assigned
  • Coordinates, assists and trains members in issue, contract, legislative, community and electoral organizing that builds organizational power
  • Assists local associations in crisis management
  • Advises and assists local associations in the negotiations of collective bargaining campaigns, agreements and member grievances, as needed
  • Advises and assists members and local associations in the exercise and maintenance of legal and contractual rights and obligations
  • Advises and assists local associations in the production of publications such as newsletters, announcements, notices and correspondence for effective internal and external communications
  • Advises and assists local associations with projects to enhance both the prestige and image of the teaching profession and public education in the community
  • Works cooperatively with program staff, general counsel and directors from other regions to enhance programs and carry out core functions
  • Seeks cooperative relationships with other organizations and individuals
  • Regularly updates his/her education through a program of continuing personal and/or professional education and consultation with association personnel and other resources
  • Manages the daily business affairs of the region office and other duties as assigned by IEA management
  • Provides administrative and consultant services to region leadership and governance
  • Assists the IEA executive and management staff in the implementation of association program, projects and activities
  • Serves as assigned liaison to IEA program committees

To apply, please send a cover letter explaining your interest in the opening and a current resume to jobs@idahoea.org.

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