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Vouchers and Tax Credit Scholarships in the U.S.

The future of public education in the United States is at a critical crossroads. Watch this video to learn how the growing trend of sending public money to private schools through vouchers and tax credit scholarships threatens public education.

97% of our nation's students attend public schools.

We should continue to invest in their educations in our neighborhood public schools. Taxpayers cannot afford to fund two school systems, but voucher programs do exactly that: strip resources from the vast majority of our students in a risky bid to fund the 10 percent of students who attend private schools.

List of organizations that oppose private school vouchers

Idaho Education Association

Idaho School Board Association

Idaho Association of School Administrators

Idaho Business for Education

Idaho State Department of Education

Southern Idaho Conference (SIC) Superintendents

American Association of University Women-Idaho

Idaho PTA

ACLU Idaho

Idaho State Board of Education


What do our best public schools look like?

They have certified teachers, caring and supportive staff who create a welcoming environment for students and families, qualified counselors who help students flourish, classes that offer college credit, band, theater, athletics, science labs, foreign languages, robotics and much more. Let’s invest in making all of our public schools look like this rather than private school vouchers than only help a select few. Good public schools can unlock students potential and prepare them for lifelong success.


Rural Schools Would be Particularly Hard Hit

Rural schools would be decimated by reductions to Idaho's general fund, which is the primary source of public school funding

Private School Vouchers Siphon Resources Away from Public Schools

Idaho is already 49th of 50 states in per-pupil spending and can’t afford to have more money siphoned off

Public tax dollars should not be used to pay for students to attend private schools

We should focus on investing in public schools, where 97% of Idaho children go, not on diverting money to 3% who attend private schools

Idaho can’t afford to support two education systems – one public and one private

Higher Taxes? Or Less Money for Public Schools?

There are only two options if money is diverted from Idaho’s general fund—raise taxes to bridge the gap, or reduce resources for public schools, students, and teachers

Voucher schemes are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whether they are called education savings accounts (ESAs), tuition tax credits or any other innocuous name, the bottom line is the same—they take taxpayer money from public schools to use in private and parochial schools

Private Schools Lack Accountability, Access, and Opportunity

Private schools are not accountable to taxpayers

Private schools are not required to provide services like meals, transportation, and special education services, so most do not

Public schools welcome all students and strive to serve and educate each child

Private schools can reject students based on economic status, academic achievement, disabilities, English proficiency, immigration status, sexual orientation or gender

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