PACE 2020 Election Recommendations

Working with a strong pro-education delegation in the state legislature is vital to the well-being of public education in Idaho. Each election cycle, Idaho Education Association members work hard to recommend and help elect pro-education candidates to the legislature. Because of these efforts, the IEA continues to be a powerful voice for public school support. The objective of the PACE recommendation process is to identify, recommend, and support those legislative candidates that share the Association’s commitment to the advancement of public education in Idaho.

Region 1

Legislative District 1
Senate: Jim Woodward (R)

Legislative District 3
Senate: Peter Riggs (R)

Legislative District 4
Senate: Shari Williams (D)

Region 1 and 2

Legislative District 5
House Position A: Dulce Kersting-Lark (D)

Region 3 and 8

Legislative District 11
Senate: Patti Anne Lodge (R)
House Position A: Scott Syme (R)
House Position B: Edward Savala (D)

Region 4 and 8

Legislative District 23
Senate: Laura Bellegante (D)
House Position A: Matthew Bundy (R)

Region 4

Legislative District 24
House Position A: Lance Clow (R)

Legislative District 26
Senate: Michelle Stennet (D)
House Position B: Sally Toone (D)

Region 5

Legislative District 29
Senate: Mark Nye (D)
House Position A: James D. Ruchti (D)

Region 5 and 6

Legislative District 31
House Position A: Travis Oler (D)

Region 6

Legislative District 30
Senate: Kevin Cook (R)

Legislative District 33
House Position A: Miranda Marquit (D)
House Position B: Marco Erickson (R)

Legislative District 34
Senate: Doug Ricks (R)
House Seat A: Jon O Weber (R)

Legislative District 35
Senate: Van Burtenshaw (R)
House Position B: Rod Furniss (R)

Region 7

Legislative District 15
Senate: Fred Martin (R)
House Position A: Steve Berch (D)
House Position B: Jake Ellis (D)

Legislative District 16
Senate: Grant Burgoyne (D)
House Position A: John McCrostie (D)
House Position B: Colin Nash (D)

Legislative District 17
Senate: Ali Rabe (D)
House Position A: John Gannon (D)
House Position B: Sue Chew (D)

Legislative District 18
Senate: Jamie Ward-Engelking (D)
House Seat A: Llana Ruba (D)
House Position B: Brooke Green (D)

Legislative District 19
Senate: Melissa Wintrow (D)
House Seat A: Lauren Necochea (D)
House Position B: Chris Mathias (D)

Region 8

Legislative District 10
Senate: Toni Ferro (D)

Legislative District 12
House Position B: Rick Youngblood (R)

Region 9

Legislative District 14
Senate: C. Scott Grow (R)
House Position B: Shelley Brock (D)

Region 8 and 9

Legislative District 22
Senate: Mike Lose (D)

IEA-PACE is made up of IEA members from around the state who meet regularly to vet candidates and research relevant policy issues. All IEA members are eligible to donate to IEA-PACE and participate in the process. Donations to IEA-PACE are completely voluntary and no membership dues are used to support candidates.