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Here are just a few issues teachers have identified with the new Tiered Certification rule. Use this form to submit your comments on the proposed rule that, if adopted, would:

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[bullet icon=”fa-exclamation” color=”red”]Tie your local evaluation (which is a local responsibility) to your certification (which is a state responsibility), effectively putting your ability to practice your career at risk.[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-exclamation” color=”red”]Further erode local control by requiring school districts to put teachers on improvement plans, even if the district does not believe such as action is necessary.[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-exclamation” color=”red”]Make it even more difficult for Idaho to recruit and retain quality teachers, when these increased certification standards are coupled with lower wages than those of surrounding states.[/bullet]

Want to know more? Visit our Tiered Certification page for more information about the proposed rule.

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