Take a Look at the Unofficial IEA Board Election Results

Unofficial results from the 10-day IEA Board of Directors election are in.

Starting on May 6, IEA members cast ballots for 15 candidates running for a variety of statewide and regional seats on IEA’s board of directors. That election ended Monday evening.

Each is a three-year term and the current board will consider certification of the election results on May 31. When the results are certified, the new board will take their seats on August 1.

Here’s the breakdown of the board seats on this year’s ballots and those who won them:

  • NEA Director: Peggy Hoy
  • Member at Large: Darcie DeLeon
  • Region 1: Mark Gorton
  • Region 3: Stacy Wescott
  • Region 5: Kelly Heil
  • Region 7 (top two elected):
  • Amber Armstrong
  • Shelia Dengler-Shaw
  • Region 8: Melyssa Ferro
  • Region 9: Carmi Scheller
  • Retired: Mary Lee Ruch
  • Aspiring Educator: Kayla Ellis

“Congratulations to all of the election winners and thank you to all of the candidates for their willingness to step forward on behalf of Idaho’s public schools,” said IEA President Layne McInelly. “Your willingness to serve, as always, is an inspiration.”

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