Smart Pay

Easy. Safe. Private.

IEA Smart Pay is the easy, convenient, and private way for Idaho Education Association members to pay their association dues electronically directly from their bank account or using their credit card. Update and upgrade the way you pay your IEA dues.

What is IEA Smart Pay?

IEA Smart Pay offers the option to pay your membership dues by electronic funds transfer directly from your bank account or using your credit card. It’s an easy, convenient and private alternative to using payroll deduction to pay your membership dues.

Why switch to Smart Pay?

It’s easy, safe and private – set it and forget it. You’re probably already paying for other services like internet service, streaming services or car insurance using electronic funds transfer from your bank account or credit card. Why not your membership dues?


As an alternative to payroll deduction, IEA Smart Pay also helps you protect your IEA membership. There’s no need to have your employer involved in your union membership or other financial decisions.

What do I need to switch to IEA Smart Pay?

If you choose electronic funds transfer from your bank account to pay your membership dues, all you need is your:

  • IEA membership number
  • Bank account information, including your routing number

If you choose to pay your annual dues in full with a one-time credit card charge, all you need is your:

  • IEA membership number
  • Credit card information
Is my information secure?

Yes. Security of our members’ personal information IEA’s top priority. Data entered online uses the same security encryption and procedures as secure shopping websites. Strict security protocols have been established for the transportation and storage of paper forms to protect your sensitive information.

Where can I find my IEA membership number?

If you need help locating your IEA membership number, please email We’ll be happy to help you find your number.

What if my account information changes?

If your bank account or credit card changes, please notify your IEA team as soon as possible by email at or by phone at (208) 344-1341.

What if my address has changed?

To sign into the Smart Pay portal, existing members need their IEA member number and the zip code we have on file. If your address has changed, try using your former zip code to access your account. Then please update your account information once you are signed in. As always, please email us at or call us at (208) 344-1341 if you have difficulty with this process.

When will my dues payments be made?

If you choose electronic funds transfer, IEA customizes the schedule for your automatic monthly withdrawal based your school district’s payroll routine. You can also choose to pay your annual dues in full with a one-time credit card charge. For new members the annual charge occurs on or around the anniversary of your membership. For continuing members, the charge will be made on or around the start of the new membership year in September.

Is switching to IEA Smart Pay required?

Not yet. States all across the country are restricting the use of payroll deduction to pay union dues. Idaho is expected to follow suit within the next few years. In advance the expected mandate from the State of Idaho, IEA is working to move all members away from payroll deduction for paying their membership dues. Smart Pay makes it easy to implement a different payment method and ensures your continued membership in IEA.

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