Three membership options are available to IEA/NEA-Retired member:
1. IEA/NEA-Retired Annual Membership
2. IEA/NEA-Retired Life Membership
3. IEA/NEA-Retired Pre-Retired Subscription (Life membership only)

IEA-Retired Annual Membership is available only to retired education employees. The IEA-Retired Annual Member is eligible to vote in elections and to hold IEA-Retired
office. He or she receives This Active Life magazine and is eligible to participate in NEA Member Benefits programs.

IEA-Retired Life Membership is available to any education employee or Active Life member who was employed for at least five years in a position that would have qualified him or her for IEA Active Membership and who is (a) 45 years of age or older or (b) eligible for a pension from a state educational employee retirement system. The IEA-Retired Life Member is eligible to vote in elections and to hold IEA-Retired office. All IEA-Retired members receive the full spectrum of IEA/NEA-Retired membership benefits, including Educator’s Employment Liability (EEL) insurance when substitute teaching.

IEA Pre-Retired Subscribers are currently IEA/NEA members of any age in the Active or Reserve membership category. Pre-Retired subscribers must maintain their Active or Reserve status in IEA/NEA (if eligible) until their retirement. Upon notification of retirement from active employment, their member status changes to “Retired Life.”
Pre-Retired subscribers receive This Active Life magazine, NEA Today, and state publications. Pre-Retired subscribers do not have governance rights through NEA-Retired
until they retire.


Education Employees who hold and maintain IEA/NEA membership may enroll in the Retired membership for life program as pre-retired subscribers in advance of retirement.

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