One Week Left for General Election Early Voting; Check Out IEA Candidate Endorsements

Time is running short to cast your pro-education early ballot in the Nov. 8 general election.

For those who live in Idaho counties that offer early voting, next Friday, Nov. 4 is the deadline to submit those early ballots. Please visit the Idaho Secretary of State’s elections website or contact your local county clerk’s office for more detailed election information. 

In-person voting on Election Day, Nov. 8, runs 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CLICK HERE to find your polling place.

“There’s a maxim that education is always on the ballot,” said IEA Political Director Chris Parri. “That’s certainly true this Nov. 8 in Idaho. IEA members are working to elect a pro-education, bi-partisan slate of candidates to statewide and legislative offices who embrace our members’ belief that public education is a public good.”


Nov. 8’s election comes after new historic investments in K-12 public classrooms — bold and important initial steps by policymakers away from decades of chronically underfunding Idaho public education. This includes last winter’s record-setting 11 percent increase in funding for public education and a historic $330 million investment in public schools during September’s special legislative session. 

The newly-elected Legislature convenes on Jan. 9 and lawmakers will determine how the special session’s $330 million education funding earmark will be spent. Some lawmakers are openly vocal about syphoning this funding into voucher schemes that use public tax dollars to benefit private or parochial schools — a concept IEA members reject outright.

“By electing lawmakers who want to invest in public education students, IEA members and their allies can set the table for more success the 2023 legislative session,” Parri said. 

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