All around the state the IEA and local education associations are working in support of pro-public education candidates in school board races. This election cycle has seen several candidates running on platforms that seek to undermine the work of public schools.

West Ada Education Association

The West Ada Education Association is also celebrating recognition for a couple of members. Todd Knight, a teacher at Crossroads Middle School, was named the 2022 Idaho Teacher of the Year (read more from Idaho Education News). And Karen Tyler of Mountain View High School was honored as Idaho’s recipient of the Human Rights Educator…

Boise Education Association

BEA President Stephanie Myers is also providing trainings on the educator evaluation framework. These trainings are specifically focused on helping members achieve the Advanced Professional Educator status that was included in recent Career Ladder legislation. Contact Stephanie at stephaniemyers@boiseea.org for more information.

Boise Education Association

The Boise Education Association just completed a facilitated training in collaboration with the district, for their negotiations team. The facilitator helped the group review the previous year’s agreement, identify key issues for the coming year, and build the foundation for bargaining for the next master agreement.

Regions 3 & 8

In Regions 3 and 8, vital Building Representative trainings are underway. Kuna, Mountain Home, and Middleton are among the locals that have already participated. Building Reps are a critical component in making sure that all members have the information they need. The trainings focus on things like sharing stories, how to approach and frame conversations…

Region 6

In Region 6, the Idaho Falls EA held a “paint night” fundraiser for the IEA Children’s Fund this week. Reporters from two local media outlets were on hand to cover it. Judging from the photos on the IFEA Facebook page, a great time was had by all. And for such a great cause.