Local IEA Leaders Learn Educator Insurance Law’s Ins-and-Outs

Nearly 70 local IEA leaders joined guest experts and IEA staff in a virtual town hall meeting this Wednesday to discuss the impacts of House Bill 443, a new law that paves the way for educators to get health insurance through the State of Idaho’s employee health insurance plan.   

Presidents of IEA’s local chapters were invited to Wednesday evening’s virtual gathering to help them better answer questions from IEA members in their chapters about the impact of the new law. The meeting included remarks and Q&A sessions with Dean Cameron, director of the Idaho Department of Insurance, Don Drum, executive director of the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI), and Jim Stark, a former IEA advisor on educator health insurance issues.   

The legislation is an extraordinary step forward for educators across Idaho, but for especially those of in rural communities where health insurance costs often outstrip modest educator salaries. Gov. Little signed the legislation at four “teacher appreciation” rallies at schools in Melba, Post Falls, Bonneville County and Twin Falls in early February. IEA members were front and center for each event. 

Visit our website to find frequently asked questions about legislation’s impact to educators and their families. 

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