of the Supplemental Levy Election

Tuesday, November 3rd

  • Your IN FAVOR vote will NOT increase your property taxes.

  • Your IN FAVOR vote will retain needed staff.

  • Your IN FAVOR vote will retain nine school days for students.

Where do I vote?

What is a Supplemental Levy?

A supplemental levy is a local source of revenue that is used for school operations. The revenue is generated through the collection of property taxes. The levy must be approved by the majority of voters every two years.

How will the school district spend the $14 million in supplemental levy revenue each year?

West Ada School District has had authorization from voters to raise $14 million in supplemental levy revenue for the last 4 years, including this school year. The levy is used to pay for staff, utilities, bus transportation costs, materials, and supplies. When the supplemental levy was first approved four years ago the revenue was used to restore nine school days and hire staff. The revenue would be used to keep the current number of days in the academic calendar and retain staff.

Will my property tax rate to pay for the supplemental levy go up?

No. The levy rate for last the supplemental levy last school year was $99.10 per $100,000 of taxable property value. The total taxable property value in the West Ada School District increased from $14.1 billion last year to $15.3 billion this year. Because the total property value increased, this year the rate decreased to $91.57 per $100,000 of taxable value. If approved, the supplemental levy rate would remain at that level or decrease further if the total property value increases again for next year. Last year your property’s value was multiplied by .0000991475. This year your property’s value is being multiplied by .0000915704 for the supplemental levy portion of your property tax bill.

Didn’t voters just approve a bond last fall?

Yes. Voters approved a $96 million bond to construct and remodel schools. The revenue from the bond election can only be used to build new schools, and cannot be used for school district operations. That vote, which required 66 2/3rds voter approval, gave the school district the authority to sell bonds that will be used to construct, expand, and remodel the following schools:

  • Hillsdale Elementary School

  • Victory Middle School

  • Star Middle School

  • Meridian High School (expansion and remodel)


of the Supplemental Levy Election

Tuesday, November 3rd

Paid for by Vote No on Props 1, 2, 3