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  • Have a voice in your profession
  • Get access to inexpensive courses designed to help you
  • Enhance your career through networking with colleagues
  • Be part of a winning team!

OK that sounds great, but are there other reasons to join?

Most all of us asked the same important question.

You care about your rights and the rights of others.

Along side members just like you, the IEA fights for better compensation, fair contracts, and greater opportunities for professional development.

You know the value of our system of free public schools and believe it is a right of all Americans.

Your experiences and knowledge require that you take on a leadership role in determining what to teach students and how to teach them.

You appreciate knowing that someone is looking out for you, your colleagues, and your profession.

You want to grow professionally and personally.

When you join you’ll instantly have access to a wide range of on-site and online workshops, professional courses for recertification, and the IEA’s premier summer institute.

  • Professional development courses
  • Training and support for new teachers
  • Leadership training opportunities

Learn about Professional Development opportunities.

IEA has many professional development opportunities

You care about kids.

You became a teacher to make a difference in the lives of kids.

The IEA Children’s Fund allows you to help a child.

You know the best way you  can help your students is by being well-prepared and well-informed on all classroom and professional issues.  IEA professional development opportunities and award-winning communications give you the tools you need.

You are proud of your profession and believe you should be fairly compensated for the work you do.

  • You became an educator to make a difference.  While you did not expect to get rich, you do expect to support your family and secure your future.  The IEA works at all levels of government to ensure your financial future.
  • You worked hard to become a professional educator.  While you’re taking care of your classroom, it’s nice to know that someone has your back with policymakers at the local, state, and national levels.

OK, how much does it cost to join?

Your monthly membership dues are determined by the colleagues you elect to represent you at the IEA Delegate Assembly.

Your association membership is 100% voluntary and your dues and various grants from the National Education Association are used each year to carry out the mission of the IEA.

The monthly dues vary for each Local in the state, but range from $50-$70 per month.

Hear what other members say

I first got involved with IEA as a Student Teacher and have had so many opportunities to grow as a teacher and a leader. Through free events and conferences like SPARKS and Summer Institute I have had the ability to network with and learn from hundreds of educators across the state!

Jessica Marboe2nd Year Teacher, Idaho Falls School District SPARKS Attendee and IGNITE Mentee

The support that my union provides for new teachers is absolutely amazing! Between all of the professional development and knowing that I am surrounded by the support of my peers, IEA has helped me become the teacher I am today.

Sarah Cuevas5th Year Teacher, Nampa School District SPARKS Attendee and IGNITE Mentee

There are even more benefits when you become a member

  • You become a member in the nation’s largest professional organization with endless opportunities for networking and building connections to further your career.
  • Professional Development opportunities including graduate credit workshops and inservices.
  • With a full-time in-house attorney and staff located across the state, you’ll receive expert legal advice and representation.
  • Become part of a unified voice for professional interests including your compensation, working conditions, and rights.