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Feb 7th – Educator Access Discount Program 

The IEA has a variety of member benefits programs to help you with expenses. The Educator Access Discount Program allows members to save money on dining, entertainment and recreation, hotels, shopping, rental cars, and more. On average, members save $36 per hotel night and $25 per day on rental cars. IEA members save an average of $35 every time they use this benefit. Click here to learn more about your IEA member benefits  

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Access Deals and Discounts through IEA/NEA Member Benefits

One of the many perks of being an IEA member is access to a wide range of discounts and deals through NEA Member Benefits. For a summary of all available benefits, visit Here is an example of how Member Benefits can work for you, from an IEA staff member who shares her story.

It pays to be a member of the IEA/NEA. On the way home I hit an elk and totaled my car. Here is the rest of the story and a couple of other good reasons to be a member of the IEA. 1) I am covered by California Casualty Insurance (an IEA Member Benefits business partner since 1988.)  They are fantastic to work with. They took care of the towing and then made an appointment for car rental through Enterprise and sent someone to my house since I didn’t have a car to drive. They were fabulous to work with the entire time–extremely professional and fast. And we got enough money to pay off our car that was totaled and a chunk for a down payment on a new car. 2) After deciding what car we wanted to buy, I used the NEA Auto PurchasinProgram to find a dealership that would honor the price we wanted to pay. The closest dealership that would honor it was in Utah, but I was able to go to a Twin Falls dealership and tell them I would much rather buy a car in the state, and they agreed to match the price. I took care of the whole thing over the phone in one easy conversation without having to haggle or negotiate and we SAVED $3,000!! – Linda Jones, IEA Region 4 Staff. 

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