Idaho Core Standards

New Idaho Core Standards Approved with IEA Support 

The IEA this week stood behind the results of a years-long effort to refine education standards first adopted over a decade ago. 

Two legislative acts endorsing new math, English language arts and science standards were approved by the House Education Committee on Thursday in a bi-partisan vote. The bills represent a complex, and at times politically contentious, process. 

Educators, including IEA members, were part of a committee that worked with lawmakers on the new standards over the past year and IEA Executive Director Paul Stark told lawmakers that IEA members had reviewed the standards and โ€œhad a comfort level with this.โ€ 

The committee approved two proposals on Thursday that together serve to replace the old standards by July 1: 

The legislation, sponsored by House Education Committee Chairman Lance Clow (R-Twin Falls), now moves on to the full House of Representatives for consideration, likely early next week.  

Hereโ€™s a thorough media report on the issue and Thursdayโ€™s committee vote. 

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