Educator Resources

These resources were compiled by members of the Idaho Education Association to provide you with support should your district opt to deliver distance learning to your students during the COVID-19 pandemic and you are asked to teach online.

This page also has many resources for supplementing learning that may have taken place in your classroom and may be used in blended learning once we’re back on campus. We hope you find this helpful.

If you have a resource or idea you would like to share, please submit it here.

Educator Resources

Schools and Covid-19 General Information

IEA Answers to How Covid-19 can Affect You in Your Job
CDC's Managing Stress and Anxiety

CDC’s Managing Stress and Anxiety related to COVID-19 and additional resources for coping with traumatic events.

NEA Resource--Schools and Coronavirus-What You Should Know

Online Teaching Support

Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents provides daily schedules while out of school
NEA’s article with compiled resources for online learning
Daily Courses Pre-K-6 and higher
Fun Brain K-12 Fun Learning Resources
200 Free Online Resources Including Lesson Plans
Smithsonian Learning Lab

Science Resources


Build outdoors with Nature Play: Create with Nature

Investigate your favorite insect with What Would Happen?

Watch and sing 7,000 Kinds of Amphibians

Observe and imitate the Academy’s Live Penguin Colony


Connect with animal caretakers in Penguins, Will You Be My Valentine?

Question your environment with Notice and Wonder

Observe how you use different teeth with Chew, Bite, Chomp

1st Grade
2nd Grade

Count sections as your build a Fraction Penguin

Play Natural Resources Bingo as a family

Use Scientific Sketching for Observation in your notebook

3rd Grade

Watch and giggle about The Story of Poo

Design a Macroinvertebrate Manor in your own backyard

Draw with us in Art & Science: Nature as Your Muse

4th Grade

Carry out a Compost Scientific Investigation

Connect with experts to hear the difference between Weather & Climate

Build a Pocket Solar System to grasp astronomical scale

5th Grade

Take a Virtual Dive in a Kelp Forest

Connect and compare these Spooktacular Skulls

Learn how to Spot That Bird; then, do an outdoor Bird Count

Middle School

Watch Flipside Science and design your own solutions

Connect with astronomy experts in Tour of the Night Sky

Produce scale models with How Big is Big?

High School

Watch Academy Science videos to explore STEM careers

Complete our Biodiversity Course on Khan Academy

Meet a marine biologist in Nudibranchs, Colorful Creatures of the Sea

History Resources

Free History Network for Kids
K-12 History and Biography Resources

K-8 At Home Fun Learning Resources

Covid-19 Relief Pack
Prodigy Games

Special Education Resources

Online programs- Some students may already have access to these. Please ask them or their teachers if they already have a log-in before creating a new one.
Non-Screen Activities for Home
Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties, Autistic, Visually-Impaired, or Dyslexic Learners
Additional Compilation of Apps for Special Needs and Education,Categorized by Need

Music Resources

Music Lab
Dallas Symphony Orchestra/Resources and Lesson Plans

Art Resources

McHarper Manor Art Studio - LIVE

McHarper Manor art studio -live daily Monday through Friday at 11:00 p.m. (MST) with free Arts & Crafts tutorials to create at home with your kids! 


Free Self-Paced Quizzes to Motivate and Engage
Quizzes Guide to Distance Learning and Assessment

NEA Resources on Human and Civil Rights

HCR Resources

ADL blog: The Coronavirus Surfaces Fear, Stereotypes and Scapegoating

Teaching Tolerance

Facing History and Ourselves: Teaching Idea in our current events collection

Our Coronavirus Lesson Plans and Resources Page is getting a lot of traffic. It has resources on the coronavirus, prevention, history of pandemics, trauma-informed resources, etc:

We will soon be launching a new community – Learning At Home Preparing for the Coronavirus Community:  This community allows members to upload lessons and resources to one location and has a discussion area for educators and parents. This is live now, but we’ll be announcing it later this week.

I’ve seen a lot of interesting work coming out of International Schools which have been dealing with the situation for several weeks already – for example this open-source set of online learning guidelines collected in a google drive, with contributions from international schools all over the world. 

Secondary and Higher Ed Resources

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Cengage: Digital Learning

E-book central

Classic books

35,000 high-quality books for students

College Open Textbooks
This site lists open textbooks organized by subject area, many of which have been peer reviewed for their suitability at community colleges.

Pegged as the “largest library of free, online practice questions in the world, this Kaplan division teamed up with OpenStax to create questions sets specifically for its open textbooks.

Lumen Learning
This OER-focused company provides open courses with “zero textbook cost.” Their curriculum comes with all the OER students will require.

The California State University System‘s collection of slightly more than 45,000 resources is rated, peer-reviewed and tallied by how many “personal collections” each resides in. It lists more than 3,000 open textbooks, some of which have accessibility information for students with disabilities.

MIT Open Courseware Online Textbooks
MIT‘s library of online textbooks is one of the few sources for OER on aeronautics, civil engineering and material science, among many other disciplines.

OER Commons
This digital hub created by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education offers 73,000 kinds of OER, along with tools for creating OER, training on how to use OER and the ability to create OER “Commons” — groups that share resources for a given purpose.

Open Course Library
Managed by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, this content is organized by course.

Open Education Consortium
The Open Education Consortium is a community of 240-plus schools as well as organizations and people who want to advance the idea of “open education.” It features an OER resource toolkit, webinars, in-person events and links to open textbooks.

Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon‘s (PA) open courses (and associated content) denote a marked emphasis on STEM, including computing.

OpenStax CNX
This is Rice University‘s (TX) “open space,” where educators have stashed thousands of learning objects that can be or are already organized into books. It is also the parent of OpenStax College.

Resources for Mental Health Issues Related to COVID-19

Student Loan Forgiveness Information


A lot is developing with Student Loans – currently interest has been frozen, likely that if the trend continues, payments will freeze.  Article below is a good Q&A on where we are now, but will be changing – Student Loan Borrowers will get relief.

Our friends at “Savi” have a free emergency tool for those with student loans who have been impacted by Covid