Working with a strong pro-education delegation in the state legislature is vital to the well-being of public education in Idaho.

Each election cycle, Idaho Education Association members work hard to recommend and help elect pro-education candidates to the legislature. Because of these efforts, the IEA continues to be a powerful voice for public school support.

The objective of the PACE recommendation process is to identify, recommend and support those legislative candidates that share the Association’s commitment to the advancement of public education in Idaho. The following candidates were recommended by the IEA-PACE committee at their April 13th and 14th meeting. We hope that you use this guide to help inform you at the ballot box on May 15th in the primary elections.

Brad Little (R)
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Cindy Wilson (D)

Legislative District 1
Senate: Jim Woodward (R)
House Seat A: Mike Boeck (R)

Legislative District 2
House Seat A: Fritz Wiedenhoff (R)

Legislative District 4
House Seat B: Paul Amador (R)

Legislative District 5
House Seat A: Margaret Gannon (D)
House Seat B: Caroline Nilsson Troy (R)

Legislative District 6
House Seat B: John Rusche (D)

Legislative District 10
House Seat A: Jarom Wagoner (R)

Legislative District 11
Senator: Patti Anne Lodge (R)
House Seat A: Scott Syme (R)

Legislative District 13
House Seat B: Chris Ho (D)

Legislative District 16
Senate: Grant Burgoyne (D)
House Seat B: Rob Mason (D)

Legislative District 17
House Seat A: John Gannon (D)

Legislative District 20
Senate: Chuck Winder (R)

Legislative District 24
House Seat B: Deborah Silver (D)

Legislative District 25
House Seat A: Laurie Lickley (R)

Legislative District 28
Senate: Jim Guthrie (R)
House Seat B: Kay Jenkins (R)

Legislative District 29
House Seat B: Elaine Smith (D)