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IEA Childrens Fund helps Idaho children
Every year hundreds of Idaho school children lack support to be successful in school. In most cases, their family cannot afford to provide for their basic needs. The IEA Children’s Fund is a way for you to provide a tax-deductible gift to some of Idaho’s neediest school children. Your donation will help to purchase food, school supplies, health care, and assistance for a child in need.

Virtually all administrative and staff costs of the Fund are paid by the Idaho Education Association. That means that nearly 100 percent of your contribution will reach our students in need. Since its establishment, the Fund has responded to requests from members for aid in a wide variety of circumstances.

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The IEA Children’s Fund is a special fund devoted to providing financial assistance – be it money, clothes, food, school supplies, or health care services – to Idaho public school children and their families who face extraordinary needs.

The Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The IEA does not reveal the names of the members requesting specific grants nor of the students for whom the grants are requested. Names of all Children’s Fund recipient’s are kept confidential.

Here are just a few examples, as told by IEA members who accessed the Fund:

Thank you to the Children’s Fund for a donation to a student who lost everything, including a younger family member, in a tragic fire. It is a truly a blessing that the IEA cares enough about all of the children in this state. This student is in the 8th grade and she lost all of her clothing … Fortunately, with the help of the IEA Children’s Fund we were able to outfit this young lady with some stylish clothes, including a coat and boots. We were also able to replace school and art supplies that were lost in the fire. Thank you for helping this student in her time of need.
Jill- 8th Grade Teacher
I made a request for a fourth grader in my school. This family struggled financially this year. They have had trouble getting ahead and didn’t know what to do when the need for glasses arose. With the help of the Children’s Fund she was able to get an eye exam and glasses for this student. I would like to express my gratitude. I had never contact the IEA Children’s Fund before, and I wasn’t quite sure what was expected of me, but everyone was so kind and helpful. I was guided though every step. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful program
Linda- Twin Falls teacher
The IEA Children’s Fund provided $300 to take three children from a family at our school shopping. They have a first grade boy, 2nd grade boy, and 4th grade girl. We went to a store where they found lots of items in the clearance department. Each of them picked out a pair of tennis shoes, jeans, socks, underwear, shirts and a lightly lined jacket. The next day and for several days after, they all  came by my room to show me the “new clothes” they were wearing and to thank me. The parents commented many times how neat it was that “Teachers care that much.” Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this. It was awesome. Today, 3 weeks later, one of the boys caught me in the hall and whispered “See, this is one of the shirts we bought with you.”
Jack- 2nd Grade Teacher
The IEA Children’s Fund awarded a grant for a 4th grade student’s health needs.  This bright student needed medication to help him focus on his school work so he could do his best.  The student’s mother was not working and could not afford the prescription.  The student was not covered by Medicaid.  While service providers from another agency were trying to assist mother to complete the Medicaid application, it was determined that a certified birth certificate was required. The grant from the Children’s Fund helped this student by offering for a limited time the cost of the prescription and the cost of obtaining the birth certificate so the student’s general health and dental needs could be covered in the future.
Madison- High school teacher

History of the Fund

The Idaho Education Association recognizes that many students in our public schools are struggling. They live without the basic necessities of food, clothing, eyeglasses, and doctors’ visits, despite the availability of social assistance programs.

We wanted a vehicle to pool our resources and be able to dispense these funds quickly. So the representatives at the 1996 IEA Delegate Assembly voted unanimously in favor of creating this fund. In fact, after the vote, a number of local associations stepped up and donated a total of $1,184.74 on the spot to get the Fund started.

Does the Fund accept memorial donations?

Yes. You can make a memorial donation to the Fund in the name of a loved one.

This memorial contribution will be recognized on a perpetual plaque housed in the IEA headquarters’ office, if an individual or accumulated amount in honor of a loved one totals at least $100.

A special memorial plaque for pets that are a part of your family is also available. Your pet can be memorialized for $100. Memorial donations are acknowledged.

Is the Fund supported by other individuals and groups?

Yes. Although the overwhelming majority of the donations to the Fund come from IEA members, there are other people and organizations who help make the IEA Children’s Fund possible. They include:

  • United Way of Southeast Idaho
  • United Way of Treasure Valley
  • California Casualty
  • Choices in Community Giving
  • Rosehill Coins & Jewelry
  • School Nurse Organization of Idaho
  • United Way of Northern Idaho
  • Wells Fargo
  • Rotary District 5400

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How can I contribute to the Fund?

We have provided a voluntary check-off space on the IEA membership enrollment form to enable your tax-deductible contribution to be included with your monthly payroll deduction. If you would prefer to make a cash contribution, you may do so by sending your check made payable to IEA Children’s Fund, c/o Idaho Education Association, PO Box 2638, Boise, ID 83701. Members of the public are welcome to donate, too.

How do I make a request for a grant?

You are just a click away! Fill out our online form to make a request. There is never any red tape or lengthy delay for members who want to access the Fund. We only have two rules for honoring donation requests: 1) the request must come from an IEA member, and 2) there must be a sufficient balance in the Fund. That’s it! All requests are handled discreetly and in confidence, so the recipients are not embarrassed by the donations. In fact, often it is the member involved who actually delivers or arranges for the needed services.

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