Virtually everyone has had their lives influenced by teachers and educators, and the Idaho Education Association wants to recognize those past contributions as well as encourage a culture that enables those critical touch points for current and future generations.

May 6-10 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and Tuesday, May 7 celebrates National Teacher Day. This would be an ideal time to remember the educators who have positively impacted your life and/or who play such a pivotal role in molding the personalities and learning habits of your children. Whether it is a “thank you” note or e-mail to an educator who made a difference in your life or financial support for classroom essentials, please take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of these dedicated people.

Visit the IEA Facebook page at www.facebook.com/idahoea and add your post to those already recognizing their favorite teachers. Check out the National Education Association website at www.nea.org/teacherday for more information.

Maybe it was encouragement from a teacher during difficult times. Or the “tough” teacher who you only appreciated later in life. Or perhaps it was a music or art teacher or coach who brought out the best in you. Whatever the case, National Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to let teachers know how grateful you are for their support.

Teachers can have such an impact during a child’s formative years, and it is imperative that we make both personal and political decisions that allow this dynamic to continue. “Like” the IEA Facebook page and keep checking back for information about how you can help.