Late this afternoon, the Vote No on Props 1,2,3 committee filed their report with the Secretary of State’s office in compliance with Idaho election law. The thousands of members of the Idaho Education Association are grateful to our peers from across the nation who each year voluntarily give their hard-earned dollars to support their colleagues.

We’re proud of the educators in Idaho and across the nation who are standing up for this campaign: the very same people who teach our children every day. We also deeply appreciate the support of thousands of individual parents across Idaho who we have been able to partner with to reject the Luna laws and return control of local schools to local parents, educators, and school boards.

If you have more questions about the campaign report or general campaign questions, we urge you to contact Mike Lanza and Maria Greeley who co-chair the Vote No campaign committee.

IEA’s communications director is Whitney Rearick, 208-344-1341 x1005.