Join IEA today!

Membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

Your membership is part of the equation that makes Idaho public schools so successful. Your IEA membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

Joining IEA is great for you personally and professionally.  When you join, you become part of a family consisting of your local association, the statewide IEA, and the National Education Association.

You’ll become part of a 100% member-driven and member-led  association.  As a member, you’ll decide the direction of the association, which issues to work on, and who represents you.   The association is voluntary and supported by your dues and various grants from the NEA.

There is a IEA member in virtually every school building across the state ready and willing to help you and your students succeed.

Joining the IEA has many benefits:

  • You become a member in the nation’s largest professional organization with endless opportunities for networking and building connections to further your career.
  • Professional Development opportunities including graduate credit workshops and inservices.
  • With a full-time in-house attorney and staff located across the state, you’ll receive expert legal advice and representation.
  • Become part of a unified voice for professional interests including your compensation, working conditions, and rights.

I am a member because I learned that you cannot call yourself a professional unless you work to improve your profession. Someone needs to defend public education and IEA/NEA does that with the best educators in the business.

Lois Sutton
Retired Teacher, Midvale

My membership with the IEA helps me to be a better educator by allowing me the peace of mind that someone has my back down at the Capitol. They may not be listening, but at least I know that IEA works for me!

Tanya Gordon
Teacher, Boise

I first became a member for the protection, but I’ve stayed a member because of the relationships I’ve built with my fellow Idaho teachers. I’ve learned so much from them in my first few years as an educator and I hope to learn much more! Being a member helps me maintain my passion for teaching, even in these difficult political times. I know the IEA has my back.

Kendra Wisenbaker
Teacher, Meridian

I’ve been a teacher and IEA member for 21 years. I joined because a colleague I admired told me I would be glad I did, and I have been. Given the hostile political climate, my membership allows me to focus on teaching the kids knowing that someone has my back politically. I couldn’t do my job nearly as well if I were trying to play all the positions on the court. Thank you!

Jacklyn Price Alvarez
Teacher, Snake River