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Membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

Joining IEA is great for you personally and professionally … and it’s good for students.

We are 10,000 members strong in Idaho and 3.2 million members strong across the country. There is a IEA member in virtually every school building across the state ready and willing to help you and your students succeed.

We are a volunteer organization supported by our members’ dues, grants from the National Education Association and the good work of our members. Regardless of job classification, we are all educators.

Everything we do centers around IEA’s priorities of promoting quality public schools, strengthening the teaching profession and improving the well being of members.

“Everything” we do includes:

Maximizing learning opportunities for you and your students,
Working to enhance your career,
Lobbying the Legislature, and protecting your right to practice in your chosen profession.
Your membership is part of the equation that makes Idaho public schools so successful. Your IEA membership makes a difference for students in your classroom and for your colleagues across the state.

I’ve been a teacher and IEA member for 21 years. I joined because a colleague I admired told me I would be glad I did, and I have been. Given the hostile political climate, my membership allows me to focus on teaching the kids knowing that someone has my back politically. I couldn’t do my job nearly as well if I were trying to play all the positions on the court. Thank you!
Jacklyn Price Alvarez- Teacher, Snake River

I’ve been a member for about six years. I am not an educator but knowing what the kids need when they get on the bus helps me to understand them better and maybe I can make their day brighter.
Susan Fowler- Bus driver, Minidoka

I am a member of the IEA because I want to be part of a group that works tirelessly for not only the teachers but also for the students in the schools to ensure that the teaching and learning conditions can be as optimum as possible. I am also a member because I know that the IEA will help ensure that I can teach my class with some level of academic freedom, recognizing the fact that I am the educational professional and I know what is best for my students and how to educate them.
Bruce Twitchell- Teacher, Coeur d’Alene

I am a member because I want to be able to have a voice in the career I have chosen. By being a member of the IEA, I am given that voice. I know that my best interests are at the heart of the association. I am a better educator because of the IEA. They help me to be informed on the matters that have to do with my career. Personally, I am also a member because I want to be able to provide the best education I can for my students and by being a member, I am more able to do that.
Victoria Maria- ESP, Lakeland School District

My membership with the IEA helps me to be a better educator by allowing me the peace of mind that someone has my back down at the Capitol. They may not be listening, but at least I know that IEA works for me!
Tanya Gordon- Teacher, Boise

I first became a member for the protection, but I’ve stayed a member because of the relationships I’ve built with my fellow Idaho teachers. I’ve learned so much from them in my first few years as an educator and I hope to learn much more! Being a member helps me maintain my passion for teaching, even in these difficult political times. I know the IEA has my back.
Kendra Wisenbaker- Teacher, Meridian

I am a teacher to make a difference. I am an Idaho Education Association Union member to make a difference. See no difference. One and the same. As a student at University of Texas in 1989, I joined National Education Association. In 1997, I entered the corporate world of educational technology. However, since 2006, I have taught at Preston School District and of course that is when I joined Preston Education Association, IEA, and NEA.
Kaywin Cottle- Teacher, Preston

I am an IEA member because it is important for educators to advocate for what is best for ourselves and our students. When I speak alone, I am easy for legislators to ignore. When I am part of a statewide organization, my voice is heard.
Alex Church- Teacher, Lewiston

I am a member because I believe in the power of the collective voice for the betterment of my profession. Unions have a proud history of standing up for the rights of the worker and ensuring justice in the face of powerful forces who want to deny the employees the ability to have a say in working conditions and wages. Our union is our collective mind and body fighting for a free and fair public education.
Ingrid Spence- Educator, Moscow

I am an IEA member because I love to learn and they have much to teach. I belong for the networking and the exchange of ideas. I like talking to people who know how I feel about the problems with my job. I belong because it is everyone’s job to belong to their professional organizations, no matter the occupation.
Peggy Hess- Teacher, Declo

I am a member because we need a single voice to speak with. Historically, many professions are cheated out of their worth by the collective marketplace that together dictates what professionals are worth. The NEA gives voice and power to negotiate what is in the interest of teachers and the marketplace. The NEA brings fairness to a market that would otherwise relegate the individual to a “take it or leave it” world. That’s why I’m a member of the NEA.
Pat Phillips- Teacher, Grangeville

I went to a Sparks weekend in April 2006, and I learned so much about teaching and the opportunities the IEA had open to me. I learned about my negotiated agreement and opportunities in Priest River. I emailed our local president the week I returned, asking “What can I do to play a role in this organization?” I was voted in VP of the local and haven’t looked back. My faith in the organization grows each year and I continue to be an active member.
Kate Keinert- Teacher, West Bonner County

I appreciate the IEA Children’s Fund that demonstrates that we put children first.
Chuck Alexander- Teacher, Emmett

I went to Sparks after my first year of teaching and it saved my teaching career. Sue Scott made sure I knew exactly what was going on and made me feel so welcome. I was able to hear from other members from around the state talk about their first years. After my crazy first year with little or no help, it felt great to know I wasn’t the only one struggling. I felt like I belonged as a teacher for the first time.
Nicole Underwood- Teacher, Meridian

I joined the IEA approximately 30 years ago for the liability insurance. I continued as a member because of the critical information supplied by the IEA, especially concerning school funding, teacher rights, education law, etc.
Bill Dean- Teacher, Rockland

I am a member because I learned that you cannot call yourself a professional unless you work to improve your profession. Someone needs to defend public education and IEA/NEA does that with the best educators in the business. I’m retired from 31 years at Midvale and I have been a member for 25 years.
Lois Sutton- Retired Teacher, Midvale

As a full-time teacher, mother of 4 and grandmother I am unable to act as a full time advocate for Idaho’s Education System, but I feel that in today’s political climate it is essential that someone be fighting the good fight and IEA does this. Nevertheless, throughout my life I have been taught to stand up for what I believe in and to serve others; being an active member of IEA allows me to do both. … I have been a member during my 11 years as a teacher in the Meridian District, because I feel that true integrity demands that if one benefits from the effort of NEA, IEA and MEA, one is obligated to pay a share of the cost.
Sheila Saunders- Teacher, Meridian

I am a member because with the IEA I have a voice, I have protection, and I have rights. As an Education Support Professional, sometimes these things are easily overlooked because I am not on a contract and I am not certified. The IEA gives me a voice, protection, and lets my rights be advocated for. Thank you IEA for all you do.
Stacie Aspiazu- Paraprofessional, Nampa