While traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio) still play an important role in covering stories and helping citizens make sense of the news, the advent of social media means we can all be reporters and commentators on the news that’s most important to us. Here are some ways you can help spread the good news about public education in Idaho:

Join us on the IEA Facebook page, and connect with the Idaho Parents and Teachers Together page on Facebook, too.

Follow us on Twitter, and “retweet” items of interest to your own network.

Share items of interest from the IEA website with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. (You’ll see tools to do this beneath the headline of news and feature stories, as well as Hotline posts during the Idaho Legislature session.) You can also recommend stories on many news websites.

Write letters to the editor on current education issues. Post respectful online comments on relevant news stories, and call local talk radio shows to be sure listeners get pro-public education viewpoints, too. The Idaho Press Club offers links to statewide media contact information, and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association publishes a detailed annual media directory.

Volunteer to speak to community groups about how strong schools are important to Idaho’s economy and our future, or contact the IEA to arrange a speaker for your group.

Most importantly, talk with your friends, family, work colleagues, and others to be sure they understand the importance of quality public schools for every Idaho child. Ask them to reach out to their networks, too.