The Idaho Education Association is seeking applications for the position of UniServ Director in the IEA’s Western Region Organizing Center.


Position Description


The person selected for this position will serve as one of three (3) UniServ staff organizing the 29 local Associations located in IEA Regions 3, 7, 8 and 9.


IEA Western Region Organizing Center


The IEA Western Region Organizing Center offices are located in the IEA headquarters in downtown Boise, less than a block from the State Capitol and the State Department of Education.  The UniServ Director, in partnership with other UniServ Directors and an Associate Staff, will be working with four regions comprised of: 1 very large local Association (1700 members) 1 large local Association (700 members) five medium-sized local Associations (memberships between150-500) four smaller-sized local Associations (memberships between 50 and 100) and 18 small local associations (memberships less than 50).




The successful candidate should have a background in organizing work and a passion for public education and the work of the Association.  The candidate should have experience in advocacy, building local infrastructure and capacity, organizing members for action, membership recruitment and retention, political action, and facilitating and demonstrating collaborative approaches to problem-solving.  The candidate should have knowledge and experience in both traditional and collaborative bargaining and be able to work closely with their colleagues and the leadership and bargaining teams from each of these local associations.


Salary and Benefits


The salary and benefit levels will be in accordance with the negotiated agreement between the IEA and the IEA Staff Organization.


To Apply


Applications will consist of a letter of interest, a resume, and a list of at least three references and should be submitted to:


Sue Scott, IEA Associate Executive Director

PO Box 2638
Boise ID 83701

Or via email to sscott@idahoea.org


Application Deadline

Applicant screening will begin May 10, 2014.  However, applications will be accepted until the position is filled.



Minimum Qualifications:


It is preferred, but not required, that a candidate for the position of UniServ (Region) Director possess the following threshold qualifications: BA or BS degree in an educationally related field; teaching certification and five (5) years of professional education experience in an institution of public education; substantial participation in the national, state and local associations; leadership experience.


It is required that a UniServ (Region) Director work effectively both independently and in team relationships with professional colleagues, and, where appropriate, members of communities, demonstrate continuing commitment to the association’s objectives, and apply the appropriate effort to advance those objectives through advocacy.


Knowledge and Abilities:


1.         Effective skill in verbal and written communication, public speaking and interpersonal relationships;


2.         Basic understanding of media relations and public relations;


3.         Knowledge of basic research techniques and application, information retrieval, and utilization of computer technology;


4.         Understanding of techniques and strategies for the promotion of membership;


5.         Understanding of organizing principles and strategies;


6.         Ability to assume advocacy responsibilities and functions;


7.         Expertise in conflict management and group and individual facilitation skills;


8.         Ability to manage time efficiently;


9.         Maintenance of a valid driver’s license.




1.         Promotes the goals and objectives established by the governance of the United Education Profession and coordinates and administers the activities necessary to carry out the association program;


2.         Advises and assists local associations in the negotiations of collective bargaining agreements and the processing of member grievances;


3.         Advises and assists members and local associations in the exercise and maintenance of legal and contractual rights and obligations;


4.         Provides training for local association leaders in the areas of bargaining, grievance processing, organizing, political activity, legislative activity and other program areas as may be established by the IEA;


5.         Provides training for general membership in the areas of leadership development, professional rights and obligations, advocacy, instructional leadership, and other program areas as may be established by the IEA;


6.         Assists local associations in crisis management;


7.         Advises and assists local associations in the production of publications such as newsletters, announcements, notices and correspondence for effective internal and external communications;


8.         Advises and assists local associations with projects to enhance the prestige and image of the teaching profession and public education in the community;


9.         Ensures the development and implementation of a membership promotion program for each local association within the region or with other regions, as appropriate;


10.       Works cooperatively with directors from other regions to enhance services to members.


11.       Seeks cooperative relationships with other organizations and individuals on behalf of public education.


12.       Regularly updates his/her education through a program of continuing personal and/or professional education and consultation with Association personnel and other resources.


13.       Manages the daily business affairs of the region (UniServ) office;


14.       Provides administrative and consultant services to region leadership and governance;


15.       Assists the IEA executive and management staff in the implementation of association program, projects and activities;


16.       Serves as assigned liaison to IEA program committees.


Supervisor:  Executive Director or designee.